The brand that never compromises

Sweet Protection has been one of the absolute favorite brands to everyone at the office. Even though we have been buying their products for years Sweet Protection is one of our latest clients and we are truly honored to work with them.

The most inspiring thing with Sweet Protection is that they never compromise with their designs. It is absolutely top notch all the way through the range. Our work with Sweet is to create communication that makes the consumers understand how their helmes are built and work to protect the head and brain. To explain how technologies work together to create a system that is optimized for handling impact forces and energies.


Work done

- Movie Production to document the development of the Volata helmet
- High-end 3D animations of new helmets
- 2D animations explaining the helmets technologies

1. Sweet Protection Helmet Technology

Sweet Protection has a very effective system in their helmet designed to redistribute impact forces and energies. The Shell, Impact Shields and MIPS work together for optimized protection.

2. Switcher Helmet

A 3D animation of Sweet Protections most ventilated helmet yet. The innovative solutions earned Sweet an ISPO Gold Award in 2018

3. Volata Race Helmet

3D render of Sweet Protections safest helmet yet. The Volata is packed with innovative solutions such as Gate Shields, Impact Shields, 3L-MIPS and much more. The helmet of choice for Aksel Lund Svindal in the FIS World Cup 2018.