Anywhre Launched

Anywhre Launched!

After years of hard work the day finally came to release our action sports app to the world!

Anywhre is the app that started the whole White Elk company. In 2009 we had an idea that we wanted to create an app where you could log and share your favorite off-piste runs with friends and followers. The idea grew and matured and after some time we started to develop what then was called Trax Spots.

Trax Spots was launched as more or less a beta version for us to get proof of concept that the idea worked. After positive evaluation we decided to invest time and money into re-making the app almost from scratch and create what now is launched as Anywhre.

We are super proud over our app and service and very excited to se where it will go from here. If you are curious we suggest that you head over to the Anywhre website and learn more.