With an unconditional love for brain protection

How do you sum up a four year long relationship that still are going strong. We started to work with MIPS in 2014. We met Johan (CEO) in 2013 and talked in general about safety and brain protection in action sports. I guess you can say that we clicked and we started off with re-designing their website and producing movies featuring 3D-animations and action imagery. Then it grew and for a few years we worked as both in-house marketing department and brand agency.

Today MIPS has grown to be the undisputed industry leader in added brain protection and strain reduction. It has been a privilege to be there through all steps, going from six to twenty six employees, getting listed on the stock market and still growing. It is a challenge producing material that should explain something so complex as how the human brain works and make it in a way so that everyone understands the benefits of implementing MIPS.


The (never ending) list of work done

For MIPS we have been a part of everything imaginable when it comes to building and communicating an international brand.

- Movie Productions
- Photography
- Tradeshows
- Production of print material
- Brand Platform and Visual ID
- Legal Texts and translations
- Presentations
- Communication Strategies
- 3D Animations
- 2D Animations
- 360 Video and VR
- Brand Partner Support
- Website for Consumers and Brand Partners
- Website with the MIPS Brand Guidelines
- Website for Investors with stock information and everything required when listed on NASDAQ
- Communication Project with ISPO
- Communication with teamriders
- Social Media

....and the list can go on and on!

MIPS Explained Animation

A short movie explaining the basic functionality of the MIPS Brain Protection System. It is as short as it gets and still being informative enough so that the viewer can grasp how MIPS actually works. 

MIPS History

Founded in 1996, MIPS has a long experience on how the brain works and what needs to be done in order to add the proper protection so that strain is reduced. 

MIPS Lab in 360

MIPS has one of the most well equipped test labs in the world and the best way of explaining how MIPS works is to invite people to the lab for a tour. Off course this is not possible all the time so therefor we produced a 360-video tour of the MIPS Lab with founder Peter Halldin where he explains how MIPS works and how the helmets are tested. 


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